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A new host compound for the selective inclusion of ethanol


A new host compound of the onium salt type,N-(3-biphenylmethyl)quininium bromide (1), is described. This host compound shows an unusually high selectivity for the inclusion of ethanol. Using this clathrand, ethanol can be extracted from a variety of solvent mixtures. In most cases, a remarkable enrichment of the ethanol is observed. The following solvents in a mixture with ethanol remain in the mother liquid: methanol,n-propanol,n-hexane, pyridine.

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Worsch, D., Vögtle, F. A new host compound for the selective inclusion of ethanol. Journal of Inclusion Phenomena 4, 163–167 (1986).

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Key words

  • Alcohol inclusion
  • clathrate
  • clathrand
  • enrichment of ethanol
  • host/guest chemistry
  • inclusion
  • lattice inclusion
  • separation of solvents