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Bausteine für funktionalisierte carbocyclische Grosshohlräume — Methanol-Clathrat eineso-Terphenylophans

Building units for functionalized carbocyclic large cavities — a methanol clathrate of ano-terphenylophane

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The syntheses of the functionalized carbomacrocycles5–11 are reported. The diastereomeric diols10a, b form a stable methanol clathrate. The X-ray analysis of9 gives insight into the dimensions of the cavity. In the course of the preparation of4 the side products22 and23 have been characterized. Aldol condensations are also used for the syntheses of the 30-membered ring15 and of its hydrogenation product16. The diesters12–14 have been prepared to make available functionalized carbomacrocycles with high ring member numbers by acyloin condensation. In this connection, the 28-membered tetra-yne20 and its precursors18 and19 are described.

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