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Superconductors with crystalline-field-split impurities: Tunneling density of states

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We compute the tunneling density of states for superconductors containing rare earth impurities with crystal-field-split energy levels. It is shown in detail how the different energy levels show up in the density of states. For the case of a singlet ground state it is demonstrated that the density of states curve is of the BCS type instead of the broadened Abrikosov—Gorkov type even if the pair-breaking effect of the impurities is strong enough to lower the superconducting transition temperature considerably. We have also calculated the tunneling conductance in order to facilitate a comparison between theory and possible experiments.

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Holzer, P., Keller, J. & Fulde, P. Superconductors with crystalline-field-split impurities: Tunneling density of states. J Low Temp Phys 14, 247–256 (1974). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00655332

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  • Transition Temperature
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