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Effect of a magnetic field on the melting curve of3He—Addendum


An additional analysis of our low-temperature and high magnetic field measurements of the3He melting curve is presented, based on the assumption that the highest field (63.6 kG) theoretical melting curve is correct rather than the lowest field curve as assumed in the original paper. Between31.8 and63.6 kG there is reasonable agreement between experiment and theory, although a discrepancy remains at low fields that we assume is to be attributed to inaccuracies in the reduction of γ-ray anisotropies to temperatures. It is also shown that the measurements are not sufficiently precise to observe the effect seen in the(∂P/∂T) V,H measurements on solid3He by Kirk and Adams.

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Johnson, R.T., Rapp, R.E. & Wheatley, J.C. Effect of a magnetic field on the melting curve of3He—Addendum. J Low Temp Phys 9, 559–564 (1972).

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