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Systematics of Dwarf Novae

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From about 30 Dwarf Novae with the best determined distances the following relationships are found.

  1. (i)

    a tight correlation between absolute magnitude at maximum light, Mv(max), and orbital period, P.

  2. (ii)

    a correlation between Mv(min) and P showing wide scatter.

  3. (iii)

    a correlation between Mv(mean), the mean absolute magnitude averaged over normal outbursts, and P, again with wide scatter. The scatter is shown to correlate strongly with ouburst timescale Tn.

  4. (iv)

    a strong correlation between range, Mv(min)-Mv(max), and Tn (the Kukarkin-Parenago relationship).

  5. (v)

    a strong correlation between range Mv(mean)-Mv(max), and both Tn and P.

This final correlation is interpreted in terms of the disc instability model of dwarf novae and successfully predicts the observed width of outburst versus P relationship.

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