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Technological ductility of high-speed steels

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    We observed distinct maxima and minima on the curves of ductility and resistance to deformation of high-speed steels R18, R12, R9, and R6M3. Up to 600°C the ductility does not change, while the strength decreases monotonically; above 600°C the ductility increases sharply, reaching a peak near Ac1. The ductility decreases sharply in the phase transformation range.

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    The sharp increase of ductility at temperatures somewhat below Ac1 is one of the phenomena of superplasticity first observed by Academician A. A. Bochvar.

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    Decarburization of steel R18 to ferrite leads to a change in ductility, which increases continuously with the temperature and has no extreme values in the phase transformation range.

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    The direction of the grain and grain size affect the ductility of high-speed steel. In samples with a transverse grain the ductility is approximately half that of samples with a longitudinal grain, while the strength decreases slightly. Coarse grains, characteristic of so-called “crystalline” fracture, also reduce the ductility, the strength increasing somewhat.

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    The effect of carbide heterogeneity on the ductility is negligible. In samples with a carbide heterogeneity of grade 4 the ductility is somewhat higher than in samples with a carbide heterogeneity of grade 6. An increase of carbide heterogeneity from grade 6 to grade 8 does not lead to any further reduction of the ductility.

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TsNIIChERMET; All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Tools. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 7, pp. 2–9, July, 1969.

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