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High-resolution observations of Hα emission line from R Aquarii


We have obtained Hα emission line profiles from R Aquarii, a Mira variable surrounded by a complex nebulosity, using a very high-resolution Fabry-Pérot spectrometer. A new feature that was seen in our observations is the fact that the line profile shows a splitting which we interpret as due to two expanding shells surrounding the star with velocities of ∼5 km s−1 and ∼15 km s−1. The expansion velocities show an acceleration outwards due perhaps to the radiation pressure caused momentum transfer. Possible periodic variation of radial velocity derived from observations is discussed.

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Anandarao, B.G., Sahu, K.C. & Desai, J.N. High-resolution observations of Hα emission line from R Aquarii. Astrophys Space Sci 114, 351–356 (1985).

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  • Radiation
  • Radial Velocity
  • Emission Line
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Line Profile