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A radiation- and matter-filled Universe in Brans-Dicke cosmology

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In attempting to obtain the solution to a more realistic isotropic flat space model of the Universe filled with noninteracting ‘radiation and nonrelativistic matter (dust)’ in the Brans-Dicke cosmological theory (BDT), several general properties of this theory, are obtained: Besides the reescalation of the scalar field ϕ as ϕR 3≡ψ, a natural reescalation for the energy density ϱ as ϱR 3∼ε is found to exist. Solutions for single component perfect fluids obey the relation εψ=aT 2+bT+c, whereT is a generalized ‘time parameter’. In contrast to general relativity theory (GRT), where the solution to a mixture of noninteracting ‘radiation and dust’ is the sum of the ‘radiation’ plus ‘dust’ solutions taken separately, in BDT this is not so. Yet, the numerical value of the integration constantv can make the BDT solution almost indistinguishable from GRT, in the radiation dominated epoch.

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Chauvet, P. A radiation- and matter-filled Universe in Brans-Dicke cosmology. Astrophys Space Sci 106, 207–209 (1984).

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  • Radiation
  • Dust
  • Energy Density
  • General Relativity Theory
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