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N-Galaxies as a metagalactic population

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Optical and radio data about N-galaxies (NG) as known at present are summarised and compared with the corresponding data about Seyfert galaxies (SyG), blue compact galaxies (BCG) and quasistellar objects (QSG and QSS). Information about normal galaxies and Haro and Markaryan objects is also utilized. The luminosity functions of different sources in the optical- and radio-ranges are constructed, based on the observational facts. Along with some general properties of NG and SyG, BCG, QSS and QSG, a number of differences between these objects are noted (these are summarised in Table II). In particularUBV-colours of NG and SyG change inside ring diaphragms for various diaphragm radii in quite different manners. Taking into account all these differences, it is concluded that N-galaxies are neither distant SyG nor QSS at small distances and therefore relatively weak, but are the representatives of a different metagalactic population.

Arguments about the existence of stars in N-galaxies as well as a central central source of non-stellar nature are discussed. The question of possible evolutionary relations among the sequence of metagalactic populations Ir-S-E-D-(BCG-NG)-(QSG-QSS) is touched upon briefly.

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Translated from the Russian by D. F. Smith.

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