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URCA shells in dense stellar interiors

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Thermal and vibrational energy losses due to URCA shells in stellar interiors are calculated. Analytic expressions are derived for semidegenerate, relativistic electrons. Results are given for more general cases calculated with a computer. The calculations are carried out for a large number of nuclei that may contribute to URCA energy losses in various stages of stellar evolution. An illustration is given of the cooling and vibrational damping of a white dwarf. For a central Fermi energy ≳5 MeV, the internal temperature of the star should be reduced to the order of 106 K and the relative vibrational amplitude should be reduced to the order of 10−5 on a time scale of 109 yr. URCA shells are present, the URCA neutrino energy loss dominates in the temperature region up to about 2×109 K.

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  • Energy Loss
  • Temperature Region
  • Fermi Energy
  • Relativistic Electron
  • Vibrational Energy