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Effects of temperature and pressure on the near-infrared spectra of HOD in D2O

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The near-infrared absorption spectra (9500 to 11000 cm−1) of HOD, 20 mol% in D2O were measured at temperatures between 4 and 55°C and pressures up to 500 MPa. From the analysis of the spectra, the following conclusions are drawn. (1) At temperatures below about 38°C, the ice I-like bulky structure is destroyed to form the dense structure which reflects the high-pressure ice-like structure as the pressure is increased. (2) At temperatures above about 38°C, the bulky structure hardly remains at atmospheric pressure and the formation of dense structure proceeds monotonically with increasing pressure. The results and conclusion obtained in the present paper agrees with those obtained for pure H2O water in the previous investigation.

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Inoue, A., Kojima, K., Taniguchi, Y. et al. Effects of temperature and pressure on the near-infrared spectra of HOD in D2O. J Solution Chem 16, 727–734 (1987).

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  • High pressure
  • near-infrared spectra
  • HOD in D2O