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Low-temperature cyaniding of tool steels

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    It is expedient to use low-temperature cyaniding to increase the service life of tools manufactured from steels 4Kh4M2VFS, 3Kh2V8F, Kh12M, R18, R6M3, and R6M5.

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    The following cyaniding conditions are recommended for high-alloy tool steels: 560\2-600\dg for 1\2-3 h for steels 3Kh2V8F and 4Kh4M2VFS (DI-22); 540\2-560\dg, 1\2-3 h, for steel Kh12M; 560\2-580\dg, 5\2-60 min, for steels R18 and R6M3.

    Cyaniding under these conditions makes it possible to obtain a high-quality case 0.030–0.15 mm deep with a surface hardness H200=1075–1400.

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    Tests of the wear resistance, scoring resistance, heat resistance, red hardness, and fatigue resistance showed substantial improvements in these properties after cyaniding.

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Moscow Highway Institute. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 12, pp. 27–31, December, 1973.

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