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Static structure of general-relativistic degenerate configurations: Effects of a core

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Models of spherically-symmetric static systems made up of self-gravitating, completely degenerate neutral fermions containing a core are constructed within the framework of general relativity and the effects of different core masses and compactness on the properties of the system are examined. For the specific case where the fermions are massive neutrinos (∼10 eV) we find, for example, that it is possible to have a neutrino halo with a normal Galaxy, or a cluster of galaxies, as the core, with the right values of mass and radius required of the ‘invisible halo’ in the missing mass problem. The suggestive nature of these results calls for further studies using a more realistic equation of state.

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Zhang, J.L., Chau, W.Y., Lake, K. et al. Static structure of general-relativistic degenerate configurations: Effects of a core. Astrophys Space Sci 96, 417–430 (1983). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00651685

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  • General Relativity
  • Static System
  • Static Structure
  • Massive Neutrino
  • Core Masse