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Gamma-burst observations from the Pioneer Venus Orbiter

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The LASL Pioneer Venus Orbiter Gamma Burst Detector (OGBD) is a vital element in the long base-line array of similar instruments intended to precisely locate sources of gamma-ray bursts. Results of early observations are described. The source of the gamma-ray burst of 5 March, 1979 (the first to be located with precision) has been determined to be consistent with the direction of supernova remnant N49 within the LMC. Approximate locations defined for a small number of events suggest no departure from an isotropic distribution.

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Evans, W.D., Fenimore, E.E., Klebesadel, R.W. et al. Gamma-burst observations from the Pioneer Venus Orbiter. Astrophys Space Sci 75, 35–46 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00651383

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  • Early Observation
  • Supernova Remnant
  • Approximate Location
  • Isotropic Distribution
  • Vital Element