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Evolution of massive close binaries and formation of neutron stars and black holes


Main results of computations of evolution for massive close binaries (10M +9.4M , 16M +15M , 32M +30M , 64M +60M ) up to oxygen exhaustion in the core are described. Mass exchange starting in core hydrogen, shell hydrogen and core helium burning stages was studied. Computations were performed assuming both the Ledoux and Schwarzschild stability criteria for semiconvection. The influence of UFI-neutrino emission on evolution of close binaries was investigated. The results obtained allow to outline the following evolutionary chain: two detached Main-Sequence stars — mass exchange — Wolf-Rayet star or blue supergiant plus main sequence star — explosion of the initially more massive star appearing as a supernova event — collapsed or neutron star plus Main-Sequence star, that may be observed as a ‘runaway star’ — mass exchange leading to X-rays emission — collapsed or neutron star plus WR-star or blue supergiant — second explosion of supernova that preferentially disrupts the system and gives birth to two single high spatial velocity pulsars.

Numerical estimates concerning the number and properties of WR-stars, pulsars and X-ray sources are presented. The results are in favour of the existence of UFI-neutrino and of the Ledoux criterion for describing semiconvection. Properties of several well-known X-ray sources and the binary pulsar are discussed on base of evolutionary chain of close binaries.

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