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The instability of a stratified layer of rotating and conducting self-gravitating fluid

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Instability of a horizontal rotating layer of a self-gravitating electrically conducting fluid has been studied to simultaneously, include the effects of Hall currents and magnetic resistivity. The prevailing magnetic field is uniform and acts along the vertical direction along which the fluid has a one-dimensional density gradient. The solution has been obtained through the variational methods. The dispersion relation obtained has been solved numerically and it is found that Hall currents as well as magnetic resistivity have a destabilizing influence. Coriolis forces, however, have a stabilizing influence.

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Bhatia, P.K., Sankhla, V.D. The instability of a stratified layer of rotating and conducting self-gravitating fluid. Astrophys Space Sci 105, 287–294 (1984). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00651081

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  • Magnetic Field
  • Dispersion Relation
  • Vertical Direction
  • Density Gradient
  • Variational Method