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Automatic apparatus for heat treating flat machine parts


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    The heat treatment of large flat machine parts such as disks, wheels, and plates of steel 65G and 85KhF can be carried out by two methods:

  1. a)

    heating between electric plates, cooling between water-cooled dies, and tempering between electric plates;

  2. b)

    heating by means of high-frequency current, cooling in water-cooled dies, tempering in dies heated by high-frequency current.

These methods make it possible to automate the heat treatment process, ensure high quality, and exclude the operations of straightening and grinding, which results in substantial savings.

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    The apparatus developed at the Scientific-Research Institute of Tractors and Farm Machinery makes it possible to use different temperatures for quenching and tempering, with different holding times, depending on the steel, thickness of the part, and technical requirements.

The apparatus is recommended for heat treating various flat machine parts and tools (harrow disks, for example) up to 5 mm thick. The thickness of the parts may be higher, depending on the alloying of the steel and the technical requirements.

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Scientific-Research Institute of Tractors and Farm Machinery. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 11, pp. 17–21, November, 1971.

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