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Rotational dynamics of celestial bodies: Generalized rotation and considerations of angular momentum

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The transformation equations under generalized rotation are obtained for an initially defined reduced velocity tensor governing the motion of a deformable finite material continuum. Then angular momentum considerations lead to relations between flow properties of the continuum and properties of a coordinate system introduced to describe generalized rotation of the continuum. Such relations could define preferable coordinate systems perceiving zero angular momentum for the continuum or referring that it moves according to linear laws.

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Geroyannis, V.S. Rotational dynamics of celestial bodies: Generalized rotation and considerations of angular momentum. Astrophys Space Sci 102, 255–261 (1984). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00650173

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  • Coordinate System
  • Angular Momentum
  • Flow Property
  • Celestial Body
  • Transformation Equation