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Inverse compton effect and the colorimetric characteristics of flare stars

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It is shown that the observed color diagrams(U-B) f (B-V) f for pure flare emission of UV Cet type flare stars may be explained within the framework of a fast electron hypothesis. We point out the essential influence on these color indices of the two following factors: (a) the deviations of the normal radiation capability of the star in the infrared region of spectra (on ∼ 3.6 μm, ∼ 4.4 μm, and ∼ 5.5 μm) from the Planckian distribution; (b) the location of the cloud (source) of fast electrons around the star (flare ‘geometry effect’). Under the real conditions of the generation of flares around the star the frequency transformation law at the photon-electron interaction has a view ν=nγ2ν0, wheren may take the different values-from 0.15 up to 4; it depends on the ‘cloud-star-observer’ geometry. By the observed colors of the flare emission may be understood, in principle, the location of flare source around the star. A possible role of reflection effect at the generation of stellar flares is outlined.

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  • Flare
  • Color Index
  • Fast Electron
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