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An isothermal shock wave in a perfectly-conducting and non-homogeneous stellar interior

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In the present paper, we have obtained some exact analytic self-similar solutions for a zero-temperature gradient behind a magnetogasdynamic shock wave produced by stellar explosions. The initial density of the medium is taken to vary as some power of the distance from the point of explosion. The solutions are obtained for the cases when the energy of the shocked gas is constant, the energy is varying, and the shock velocity is constant. General solutions are also obtained. We have also analytically obtained the position of the singular surface behind the shock wave.

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Verma, B.G., Vishwakarma, J.P. & Sharan, V. An isothermal shock wave in a perfectly-conducting and non-homogeneous stellar interior. Astrophys Space Sci 88, 125–134 (1982). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00648994

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  • Shock Wave
  • General Solution
  • Initial Density
  • Shock Velocity
  • Singular Surface