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Neutrino transport with isoenergetic and neutrino-electron scattering

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Solution to steady-state, bigroup neutrino transport with isoenergetic and neutrino-electron scattering have been obtained for idealized conditions representative of the outer core or envelope of a star whose inner core is undergoing gravitational collapse. The solutions are presented in a form suitable for comparison with other numerical schemes. The incident neutrino distribution was chosen to be nonequilibrium, and the solutions clearly show the tendency of the neutrinos to equilibrate via neutrino-electron scattering as they propagate through the material. Care is taken to compare solutions obtained by two completely different techniques to ensure that the solutions presented here are accurate and error free. The solutions are compared with those obtained by a simple diffusion scheme, and by a flux limited diffusion scheme. The solutions given by the latter agree well with the solutions derived here, except when the neutrino angular distribution becomes oblate.

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