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Structure and evolution of large groups of Massive Close Binary systems

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Using the definition of four important events in the evolution of Massive Close Binary systems, we define five observable evolutionary phases in the life of a Massive Close Binary system: OB+OB, WR+OB, C+OB, C+WR, and WR+WR. We define and compute a number of observable phenomena for large groups of Massive Close Binaries. For one burst of star formation, we compute the number of systems in different evolutionary phases, and the total mass loss as functions of the time. For continuous star formation, we determine the fraction of WR binary stars, occurring in different phases of massive close binary evolution, and a number of average quantities (mass, mass ratio) of WR binary systems. The results are compared with observations of WR binaries in the Galaxy and in Open Clusters.

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  • Mass Loss
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  • Star Formation