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Photoelectric photometry of Z herculis


Two-colour light curves of Z Her were obtained observing the system from 1978 to 1981. The wave-like distortion at outside eclipses were derived. The amplitudes of the wave increase and its minimum migrates towards the decreasing orbital phase with a period of about 1.4 yr. An attempt was made to represent the wave-like distortions with a truncated Fourier series. The representation was found to be unsatisfactory since the distribution of the present observations is not regular but forms separate groups along the time axis. Therefore, further observations to cover the phases evenly in between the minima are needed.

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Evren, S., Ertan, A.Y., Tunca, Z. et al. Photoelectric photometry of Z herculis. Astrophys Space Sci 87, 51–59 (1982).

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