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Solubilization of paraffin gases in aqueous solutions of sodium octanoate

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The solubilities of methane, ethane, propane and n-butane were measured in aqueous solutions of sodium octanoate of molar concentrations between 0–0.8M. From these measurements we have computed the standard free energies, entropies and enthalpies for the process of transferring the solute molecules from the gaseous phase into the solutions. We found that propane and n-butane behave as expected at, and beyond, the cmc, namely the solubility takes a steep turn upwards. On the other hand, methane and ethane seem to cross the cmc with almost no change in their solubility. A tentative interpretation of this behavior is suggested, based on the competing effects of salting out and solubilization.

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Ben Naim, A., Wilf, J. Solubilization of paraffin gases in aqueous solutions of sodium octanoate. J Solution Chem 12, 671–683 (1983).

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Key words

  • Solubilization
  • micelles
  • thermodynamics of solution
  • solubility of gases
  • methane
  • ethane
  • propane
  • n-butane
  • sodium octanoate