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In vivo release of newly synthesized catecholamines from the hypothalamus by amphetamine

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The posterior hypothalamus of cats immobilized with gallamine was superfused through a push-pull cannula with artificial cerebrospinal fluid. Addition of3H-tyrosine into the superfusing fluid led to synthesis of3H-catecholamines which were released spontaneously. Separation of the3H-catecholamines by column chromatography or their acetylation and separation by paper chromatography revealed that both3H-noradrenaline and3H-dopamine were released. In most experiments3H-noradrenaline represented about 10 to 25% of total3H-catecholamines. Superfusion of the hypothalamus with amphetamine (1×10−5 M) enhanced the release of total3H-catecholamines, the release of3H-noradrenaline being relatively more enhanced than that of3H-dopamine. Determination of the readioactive compounds in the hypothalamus at the end of the experiments showed that total3H-catecholamines represented 3% of3H-tyrosine. About 15% of the total3H-catecholamines were due to3H-noradrenaline and 85% to3H-dopamine.

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