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An unusual, possibly “new” MA/MR syndrome with sagittal craniosynostosis


This report is on a mentally retarded, male child with multiple anomalies: sagitall craniostenosis, bilateral coloboma of the iris, craniofacial dysmorphy, asymmetrical split hand malformation, bilateral syndactyly of 2nd–4th toes and perineoscrotal hypospadias.

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multiple anomalies


mental retardation


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Correspondence to R. A. Pfeiffer.

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Pfeiffer, R.A., Tietze, U. & Welte, W. An unusual, possibly “new” MA/MR syndrome with sagittal craniosynostosis. Eur J Pediatr 146, 74–75 (1987).

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Key words

  • Sagittal craniostenosis syndrome
  • Coloboma of the iris
  • Split hand anomaly
  • Syndactyly of toes
  • Perineoscrotal hypospadias