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The interpretion of electrical conductivity measurements of three monoprotonic acids in fluorosulfuric acid

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The three metal fluorosulfates Au(SO3F)5 and Ta(SO3F)5 are soluble in fluorosulfuric acid and behave as monoprotonic acids, as is evident from electrical conductivity measurements and conductometric titrations against the base KSO3F. Both the specific conductometric measurements in the concentration range of 0–0.050 mol-kg−1 and the conductometric titration curves are compared to calculated curves. Best fits are achieved by assuming an average degree of association for the Lewis acids of 5 for the Nb-, 3 for the Ta- and 2 for the Au-fluorosulfato species in HSO3F. Dissociation constants are calculated for various association models and a general order of acidity of Au(SO3F)3>Ta(SO3F)5>Nb(SO3F)5 is suggested, with association in solution occurring in the reverse order.

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Cicha, W.V., Lee, K.C. & Aubke, F. The interpretion of electrical conductivity measurements of three monoprotonic acids in fluorosulfuric acid. J Solution Chem 19, 609–622 (1990). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00647033

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Key words

  • Monoprotonic acid
  • conductance
  • conductometric titration
  • fluorosulfate
  • equilibrium constant
  • oligomeric dissociation