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Viscosities and densities of tetraalkylammonium bromides in dimethylformamide-water mixtures at 25 and 35°C


Viscosity and desity data for KCl, KBr, Me4NBr, Et4NBr, Pr4NBr, and Bu4NBr from 0.005 to 3M in aqueous dimethylformamide solutions at 25°C and 35°C are presented. The data for dilute solutions were analyzed by means of the Jones-Dole equation and the ionic B coefficients evaluated. The data for concentrated solutions were analyzed by the Breslau and Miller equation and the effective flow volume, V3 of the electrolytes obtained as a function of concentration. The limiting effective flow volume, V e o was obtained from the Vand equation in the form used by Eagland and Pilling and it is shown that B=2.5 V e o . With increasing DMF concentration V e o increases for Me4NBr but decreases for Pr4NBr and Bu4NBr. The same effect was observed by increasing temperature. This behavior is explained in terms of the structuring effect of the constituent ions and the effect of DMF on the overall structure of the binary solvent.

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Dey, N.C., Kumar, G., Saikia, B.K. et al. Viscosities and densities of tetraalkylammonium bromides in dimethylformamide-water mixtures at 25 and 35°C. J Solution Chem 14, 49–58 (1985). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00646730

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Key words

  • Viscosity
  • density
  • dimethylformamide-water mixture
  • potassium halides
  • tetraalkylammonium bromides