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The properties of the strong static field of a collapsar in gravidynamics

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In the bounds of the totally nonmetric model of gravitational interaction theory (gravidynamics) the strong field of a compact object (a collapsar) — an analogue to the black hole in general relativity — is investigated. In the case of utmost strong (for gravidynamics) collapsar, field a region filled, by matter (a bag) must have the radius equal tor *=GM/c 2≲10 km at the total collapsar massM≲7M . Only half of the collapsar mass is contained in the bag, the other one of its total energy (Mc 2) is distributed in the space surrounding the bag in the form of ‘a coat’, i.e., in the form of continuous medium (a relativistic ‘gas’) of virtual gravitons. The object must have the surface (the bag surface) with absolutely definite physical properties. The potential of such a surface is finite (ϕ+=-c 2/2) and the particle mass finding itself in a bound state on the bag surface is two times less than the mass of the same particle in a totally free state. The bag surface can perform periodic oscillations (pulsations) with the periodGM/c 2≈3×10−5 s. An energy density inside the bag with the utmost strong gravitational field or with an utmost dense ‘coat’ shrouding the bag is determined by gravitation theory constants only and depends on the distance to the bag centerr in the following way: ε(r)=(c 5 /8πG)r −2. The bag matter in the case is most probably in the state of quark-gluon plasma.

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  • Black Hole
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