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A quantitative analysis of the prototype [WCL] star CPD-56° 8032


We present a detailed, quantitative study of the standard [WC10] Wolf-Rayet central star CPD-56o 8032 based on new high resolution AAT UCLES observations and the Hillier (1990) WR standard model. Our analysis of CPD-56o 8032 gives the wind properties (T *=34500K, lg (L/L )=3.8, lg (M/M a−1)=−5.4,v =225 km s−1) and chemistry (C/He=0.5, O/He=0.1, by number), the latter suggesting an intimate relationship with the Ovi PN central stars and the PG 1159-035 objects. A comparison between the wind properties of CPD-56o 8032 and Sk-66o 40 (WN 10) indicates that low excitation, low wind velocity WR winds are common to both low mass PN central stars (WC sequence) and high mass post-LBV's (WN sequence).

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Crowther, P.A., De Marco, O., Barlow, M.J. et al. A quantitative analysis of the prototype [WCL] star CPD-56° 8032. Astrophys Space Sci 238, 119–123 (1996).

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Key words

  • stars: Wolf-Rayet
  • mass loss
  • atmospheres-planetary nebulae: individual