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Unsteady free convection flow past an infinite plate with constant suction and heat sources

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An analysis of a two-dimensional unsteady free convective flow of an incompressible viscous fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate has been carried out under the following conditions: (i) constant suction, (ii) the plate temperature oscillating in time about a constant non-zero mean, (iii) presence of the temperature-dependent sources in the fluid. Approximate solutions have been derived for the mean velocity and temperature fields, the transient velocity and temperature fields, the amplitude and the phase of the skin-friction and the rate of heat transfer. It is shown that an increase inS (the source-strength), leads to an increase in the value of |B| (the amplitude of the skin-friction) and |Q| (the amplitude of the rate of heat transfer), in case of air, but in case of water |B| and |Q| decrease.

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Pop, I., Soundalgekar, V.M. Unsteady free convection flow past an infinite plate with constant suction and heat sources. Astrophys Space Sci 62, 389–396 (1979). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00645477

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  • Heat Transfer
  • Convection
  • Heat Source
  • Temperature Field
  • Viscous Fluid