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Oxygen consumption of the West African blood clamAnadara senilis

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The West African blood clamAnadara senilis (L.) is one of a small number of bivalve species which have haemoglobin in their haemolymph. In the investigation reported here, in which the musselMytilus edulis (L.) was also studied for comparative purposes, it was shown thatA. senilis was an oxygen regulator between oxygen tensions corresponding to 50 and 100% air saturation. Oxygen uptake increased by about 128% after 24 h at zero pO2; although the haemoglobins ofA. senilis were found to be responsible for about 34% of oxygen uptake at 25°C (a proportion unaffected by pO2), there was clearly insufficient haemoglobin present in the haemolymph to act as an effective oxygen store during prolonged exposure to anoxic conditions.

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Djangmah, J.S., Davenport, J. & Shumway, S.E. Oxygen consumption of the West African blood clamAnadara senilis . Mar. Biol. 56, 213–217 (1980).

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