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Hα flare of 14 March, 1984 - evidence for reconnection?


Kodaikanal Hα monochromatic and white-light observations are used to study the circular flare of 14 March, 1984. We report here the dynamic activity of the Hα filament, which attained a severe twist before erupting as a 4B flare. We feel that the relative motion between the emerging spot field and its neighbouring field is responsible for the field line reconnection, which triggered the flare.

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Sundara Raman, K., Aleem, S.M., Singh, J. et al. Hα flare of 14 March, 1984 - evidence for reconnection?. Sol Phys 149, 119–127 (1994).

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  • Flare
  • Relative Motion
  • Field Line
  • Dynamic Activity
  • Neighbouring Field