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A comparison of two benthic survey methods

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The belt transect and the flowmeter methods, used to survey sedentary benthic organisms, were compared based on abundance estimates of tridacnid clams in the Cagayan Islands, Philippines, in April 1985. Two-way ANOVA and chi-square tests (P<0.05) show that both methods recorded similar estimates for the number of clams (regardless of species), both methods gave similar estimates for the number of individuals per species, and one or both methods may be biased for certain sizes of clams. Individuals smaller than 6 cm shell length seemed to be underestimated by the flowmeter method. Future studies must investigate the size selectivity of the method used, for instance by conducting permanent belt, transect surveys of varied belt widths (e.g. 1, 1.5,2,2.5 m) and then comparing the recorded lengths of the most abundant clams. This will aid investigators to evaluate their data properly, and enable comparison of clam-stock estimates between surveys.

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