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A survey of the unusual motions in M17 with a Fabry-Perot monochromator


The results of the most extensive survey ever undertaken of the profiles of the [Oiii] line over M17 are presented. These were obtained with an optically-contacted, pressure-scanned, single-etalon Fabry-Perot monochromator used on the 74-in. Radcliffe reflector.

Some very unusual velocity features have been revealed. Several regions were found to be emitting lines split by motions of 20 km s−1 whereas others produce lines with three or more separate velocity components which stretch up to −70 km s−1 from the mean radial velocity of the nebula. Some speculative explanations for these motions are offered.

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Elliott, K.H., Meaburn, J. A survey of the unusual motions in M17 with a Fabry-Perot monochromator. Astrophys Space Sci 35, 81–86 (1975).

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