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Distribution of spontaneous fission fragments in nuclear astrophysical problems

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Empirical equations for the estimation of fission fragment yield are proposed. These equations can be applied to all nuclides in the nuclidic region of 208≲A andZ 2/A<40.2, and they can explain experimental results within an accuracy of 20%. By applying these empirical equations to nuclear astrophysics, the contribution of fission fragments to nuclidic abundance in the mass region of 100≲A≲170 is estimated, in which mass region the fission fragments from fissioning nuclei withA>250 accumulate. These nuclei withA>250 are produced byr-process and make delayed spontaneous fissions duringr-process cooling. Furthermore, a possibility is proposed that the anomalously high abundance of medium weight elements observed in some peculiar A stars may be the accumulation of the fission fragments from the fissioning nuclei in 250≲A≲265.

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