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RS CVn-binary RW com: A possible three-body system

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A first detailed period study of the eclipsing RS CVn-binary system RW Com is presented. A new period (P=0d.2373455) based on 223 minima is given. The O−C diagrams of RW Com have been presented for the first time. Types of ten minima have been corrected judging the period trend. Period changes in different portions of the O−C diagram (Figure 2) have been estimated. The total change in period (ΔP/P) ranges from 5.5×10−7 to 6.4×10−6. Thus, ΔP ranges from 1.3×10−7 d to 1.5×10−6 d. Numerous minima are available in the time interval 1967 to 1986. This part of the O−C diagram (Figure 2) shows a sinusoidal variation, thus, it is suspected that RW Com could be a three-body system. The period of variation due to third body appears to be nearly 16 years.

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