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Pulsation regime of the thermonuclear explosion of a star's dense carbon core


The hydrodynamical problem of nuclear explosion of a dense carbon core of a star with mass 1.40M is solved numerically. In calculation the kinetics of carbon burning at the nuclear reaction C12+C12→M24+γ rate is included. Thus the inverse effect of hydrodynamical motion on the process of thermonuclear burning is taken into account, as compared with Bruenn's (1972) calculations. The calculations show that a pulsation regime of burning is realized (actually three pulses were obtained) which evolves to the detonation regime with full combustion and disruption of the star only at the third pulse. The effects of disintegration of iron group nuclei, neutronization of matter and neutrino losses in URCA processes have not yet been considered in calculations. The influence of initial conditions (mainly the temperature distributions) and the above mentioned effects, which have not been included in calculation, on the results of the hydrodynamical problem solution are discussed. The conclusion is made on new possibilities of formation of a gravitationally bound remnant of the explosion and a neutron star.

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Translated by Miss Eva Vokálová, Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague, ČSSR.

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Ivanova, L.N., Imshennik, V.S. & Chechotkin, V.M. Pulsation regime of the thermonuclear explosion of a star's dense carbon core. Astrophys Space Sci 31, 497–514 (1974).

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