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Solar mass ejections and coronal holes

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In this paper we present observations of two types of solar mass ejections, which seem to be associated with the location of coronal, holes. In the first type, a filament eruption was observed near a coronal hole, which gave rise to a strong interplanetary scintillations. as detected by IPS observations. In the second type, several large scale soft X-ray ‘blow-outs’ were observed in the YOHKOH SXT X-ray movies, in all the cases they erupted from or near the boundary of coronal holes and over the magnetic neutral line. It is proposed that the open magnetic field configuration of the coronal hole provides, the necessary field structure for reconnection to take place, which in turn is responsible for filament eruption, from relatively lower heights. While, in the case of X-ray ‘blow-outs’, the reconnection takes place at a greater height, resulting in high temperature soft X-ray emission visible as X-ray ‘blow-outs’.

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Key words

  • Coronal hole-interplanetary
  • shock-eruptive
  • prominence-solar
  • flare-solar soft
  • X-rays-YOHKOH