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Grains accretion processes in a proto-planetary nebula

II. Accretion time and mass limit

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Some mechanisms which are expected to produce the growth of dust grains in the protosolar nebula are studied during the isothermal and the adiabatic phase of the gravitational collapse.

Owing to the low sticking efficiency in the grain-grain collisions and also to the impossibility of gas capture by solid particles in the physical environment considered, the main result is the production in about 106 yr of a set of particles similar in mass. The obtained mass limit (10−8–10−9 g) depends on the physical properties of the grains, and seems to be independent of the turbulence model used for the gas motion.

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  • Gravitational Collapse
  • Gravitational Instability
  • Accretion Process
  • Isothermal Phase
  • Mass Distribution Function