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Technique d'enregistrement automatique de précision pour de faibles consommations d'oxygène

Automatic recording technique of very small oxygen consumptions

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The apparatus described permits the recording of very small volums of oxygen in the range of 1 μl O2. The oxygen consumption is measured by the combination of a volumetric method and the electrical charge measurement. While used here for the study of the oxygen consumption of fishes, this automatic recorder may be used for a great variety of organisms, animals or plants.

The ameliorations achieved by various technics make it possible to obtain a great precision and sensitivity of the volume variation detection, the assurance that each impulse received by the recorder corresponds really to one second of electrolysis and that the return to zero takes place without the occurrence of a possible following electrolysis. Therefore an easy reading is obtained.

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  • Oxygen Production by Electrolysis as Required
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