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Time-dependent scattering and transmission function in an anisotropic two-layered atmosphere


In this paper we consider the time-dependent diffuse reflection and transmission problems for a homogeneous anisotropically-scattering atmosphere of finite optical depth and solve it by the principle of invariance. Also we consider the time-dependent diffuse reflection and transmission of parallel rays by a slab consisting of two anisotropic homogeneous layers, whose scattering and transmission properties are known. It is shown how to express the time-dependent reflected and transmitted intensities in terms of their components. In a manner similar to that given by Tsujita (1968), we assumed that the upward-directed intensities of radiation at the boundary of the two layers are expressed by the sum of products of some auxiliary functions depending on only one argument. Then, after some analytical manipulations, three groups of systems of simultaneous integral equations governing the auxiliary functions are obtained.

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Deb, T.K., Karanjai, S. & Biswas, G. Time-dependent scattering and transmission function in an anisotropic two-layered atmosphere. Astrophys Space Sci 189, 95–117 (1992).

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  • Radiation
  • Atmosphere
  • Reflection
  • Integral Equation
  • Diffuse Reflection