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Phase transformations and structure-property relationships in a rapidly solidified Ni-Al-Mo alloy

Part I Phase transformations
  • Sang Yul Lee
  • P. Nash


An Ni-Al-Mo-V-Re alloy was melt-spun at 30 m s−1 to produce a completely solutionized metastable solid solution. The phase transformation sequences on subsequent ageing of this material over a range of temperatures from 650 to 800°C were studied using transmission electron microscopy. The results showed that the transformation behaviour was independent of the ageing temperature over the range studied, but with increased transformation kinetics on increasing the temperature. A complex transformation sequence was found involving spinodal ordering, precipitation of metastable phases and discontinuous transformation. In addition, while equilibrium Ni3Mo phase was involved in the transformation sequence, the δ (NiMo) phase was not observed for the heat treatment range studied. The results of the phase transformation sequence of this alloy are correlated with the corresponding physical and mechanical properties of the material in Part II.


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  • Sang Yul Lee
    • 1
  • P. Nash
    • 1
  1. 1.Illinois Institute of TechnologyChicagoUSA

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