Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 26, Issue 13, pp 3481–3485 | Cite as

Semiconducting properties of barium vanadate glasses doped with barium chloride

  • S. Feridoonian
  • C. A. Hogarth


Semiconducting barium vanadate glasses doped with BaCl2 from 0 to 15 mol% were studied. Electrical d.c. conductivity σ measurements and an electron spin resonance investigation in the X-band were made. The concentration dependence of d.c. conductivity exhibits a minimum at 7 mol% BaCl2. The activation energy increases with increasing BaCl2 content up to 7% and decreases at higher concentrations of BaCl2. The temperature dependence of the d.c. conductivity shows the effect of BaCl2 as an oxidizing agent which controls the electrical conductivity, as a result of modification of the reduced vanadium valence ratio and a change in concentration of the paramagnetic ions. The plots of log σ versus 1 000/T are linear for all the BaCl2-doped glasses. The data of the d.c. investigations were analyzed in terms of small polaron theory, and this confirms the applicability of the polaronic hopping model of electrical transport. The influence of BaCl2 content on density indicates that in this ternary system the additivity role is not obeyed. The minimum occurs at the same concentration of 7 mol% BaCl2 as noted for the electrical conductivity.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. Feridoonian
    • 1
  • C. A. Hogarth
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsBrunel UniversityUxbridgeUK

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