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Fabrication and characterization of thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for high-density magnetic recording

Part I A review
  • C. W. Chen


Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) was first observed in thin films of cobalt-chromium alloys in 1974, and perpendicular magnetic recording was proposed in 1977. After less than ten years, a new technology for high-density magnetic recording is firmly established. This breakthrough of the science and technology of magnetic recording has been made possible mainly through the ingenuity and concerted efforts of researchers. The preparation, characterization, and application of the Co-Cr films featuring PMA have been extensively studied. This paper reviews the large number of reports on PMA films with emphasis on three areas: 1. processing of PMA films; 2. correlation of magnetic properties and microstructures of PMA films; and 3. state-of-art techniques for fabricating PMA films.


Polymer Microstructure Thin Film Anisotropy Magnetic Property 
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Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy


Perpendicular magnetic recording


Magnetic induction


Magnetic field




Perpendicular coercivity


Demagnetizing field


Anisotropy field


Perpendicular anisotropy constant


Remanent magnetization


Saturation magnetization


Argon pressure


Substrate temperature


Substrate bias voltage


Incidence angle


Half-width dispersion angle in the rocking curve


Curie temperature


Internal stress


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