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Bindegewebs-Siliconfolien-Plastiken bei Adhäsivprozessen des Mittelohres

  • Gr. Stange
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Connective tissue—silicone foils—tympanoplastics in cases of adhesive processes of the middle ear


In 1970–1974, tympanoplastics of type I–III were done in 95 patients with adhesive processes of the middle ear (epithelized tympanon, scarred adhesions of the chain, sclerosis of the tympanon etc.) following chronic inflammation or cholesteatoma. In order to avoid renewal of adhesions, to make possible the growth of mucosa and to obtain pneumatisation of the middle ear, 1–3 pieces of silicone foil were inserted to each patient into the middle ear. In 21 patients the silicone foil was removed. Technique of insertion and problems of removal of the foil as well as audiological postoperative results are demonstrated and discussed. Further details will be published in Arch. Oto-Rhino-Laryng.

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