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Biochemische Befunde des Sekretes bei Parotistumoren

  • H. Eichner
  • M. Münzel
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Biochemical findings in secretions of the gland in parotid tumors


In comparison to sialography and szintigraphy in parotid tumors fractionated human parotissalivation in parotid tumor-patients was examined. Simultaneous estimations of flowrate, protein-, Ig-A-, lysozyme, electrolytconcentration, trypsinmhibiting and esterolytic activity were done, for analysis of proteincomposition discelektrophoretic separation on acryamidgels was performed Biochemical and discelectrophoretic results are compared with those of normal patients and discussed.

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  • H. Eichner
    • 1
  • M. Münzel
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  1. 1.München

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