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„Otoskleroseähnlicher Knochen“ bei der Osteogenesis imperfecta tarda

  • E. Müller
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Bone similar otosclerosis in osteogenesis imperfecta


Bone similar otosclerosis in Osteogenesis imperfecta tarda is demonstrated. By an 34 years old man, an 33 and an 22 years old woman suffering on osteopsathyrosis with a conduction deafness in both ears were accomplished an stapedectomie. The stapedial thighs were genetical interrupted or fractured and the footplate was fixed in the oval window. Diseased osseus material from the border of the oval window was gained with the chisel and prepared for histological examination. The specimens were coloured with H.-E. and corresponding to Gomöri, In the bone similar cartilage pulling-down and growing are rare. There are in the osseous-cartilage fibrous clefts. The collagenous fibrils are in any specimens of better differentation than in otosclerosis. The diseased osseous labyrinth in Osteogenesis imperfecta must be regarded as a special morphogenetic formation of osteopsathyrosis.

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