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Die verstopfte Nase am Morgen als Symptom der Hausstauballergie

  • H. Enzmann
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Congestion of nasal mucosa in the morning as a symptom of house-dust allergy


Not only the aetiology and the pathogenesis, but also the ecology of the house-dust-system determine the symptoms of house-dust allergy. If you want to explain the complaints, the altered elasticity of nasal blood vessels as a symptom of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis is to be respected.

Parts of a questionnaire are used to describe the complaints of the patients. These complaints are compared to the results of a scratch-test. The patients' own house-dust is used for the tests (by Univ.-Hautklinik, Direktor: Prof. Dr. U. Schnyder, Abteilung für Allergie und Berufskrankheiten der Haut, Leiter: Prof. Dr. Dr. W. Braun). With a statistical security of 99% the described complaints differ from those of a perennial rhinitis of different aetiology. The value of a special anamnese in connexion with dermatological and intranasal tests is discussed.

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