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Zum „zentralen Lautheitsausgleich“ nach Feldmann bei einseitigen Schalleitungsschwerhörigkeiten

  • U. Reker
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“Central recruitment” with unilateral conductive deafness


Feldmann described a “central recruitment” with conductive deafness using simultaneous tones for loudness-balancing. Our tests on 20 patients with unilateral conductive deafness showed the importance of details of the testing-procedures:
  1. 1.

    There was a substantiate difference (hysteresis) between ascending and descending proceeding for loudness-balancing.

  2. 2.

    The choice of the reference ear, i.e. the ear with fixed intensities, showed to be very important. There is a difference between fixing the intensity on the good ear and varying the intensity for equal loudness on the bad ear and the opposite proceeding, i.e. fixing the intensity on the bad ear varying on the good ear.


Fixing the intensities on the good ear and using continuous tones a recruitment can be measured with conductive deafness, but it only depends from the details of the testing procedure.

With alternate tones and exactly defined testing conditions the Fowler-test can reliably differentiate between recruitment-positive and recruitment-negative cases.


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